Type of Event What to bring to your appointment

Please note: All clients should supply a copy of their State Issued Identification (Non- Driver’s or Driver’s License, both front and back).

Marriage Prior year return of both spouses
Divorce Copy of the divorce decree
Birth or Adoption Social Security cards and/or adoption papers
Death of Spouse or child Date of death
Additional members of household Date of occupancy and relationship
Job change Start date and name of new employer W-2s from new and old employers
Unemployment Form 1099-G
Retirement contribution Type of plan and amount
Retirement distributions Form 1099-R
Social Security benefits Form 1099-SSA
Sale of stocks, bonds, etc. Form 1099-B or other sale documents
Purchase of stocks, bonds, personal
residence, real estate
Purchase documents; closing papers
Inheritance Will; K-1 from the estate
Rental Property Income, expenses, new property purchased
Prizes Form 1099-MISC; value of prizes not included on 1099-MISC
Lottery or Gambling winnings Total amount won whether on W-2Gs or not; total amount of losses
Health Insurance, medical, dental,
or drug expenses
Provide form 1095 A, B, or C. Health insurance premiums; if it is an employer-sponsored plan, know whether it is paid with pretax dollars;
totals of other medical, dental, and drug expenses
State income or property taxes paid Prior year’s income tax return; property tax bills; closing papers from the purchase or sale of
property; letter from the state regarding any change in a prior filed return
Charitable contributions of money,
property or out-of-pocket expenses
Date and type of contributions,
Knowledge that receipts from the organizations have been received; mileage log for charitable work
Trade any property Date of trade, property given up and property received, basis and FMV; qualified
intermediary sales agreement or closing papers
Start or end a small business Formation or termination dates; Property contributions or distributions
Lawsuit Settlements Date received; reason for the settlement; 1099-MISC
Purchase or refinance a home Closing papers from purchase; Forms 1098